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Hello and welcome. You've most likely received a tasty loaf of our banana bread as a gift. We bake this treat annually to get into the spirit of the holidays. We don't own or operate a bakery. Serena Creek is the name of the street we live on. There's a little gazebo at the end of it!

We use the best locally sourced ingredients and real fruit in our goods. Nuts are left out of the recipe to ensure those with allergies are safe. Nothing is from a box or some far away factory. It's all made in Boynton Beach, Florida right in our home's kitchen.

Some say the trick to a good banana bread is a secret spice and others say it's the ripeness of bananas. We paid attention to all of the tips passed on over the years and combined them into a special recipe just for you. Give it a try for yourself and download our recipe today!

Frequently asked questions

  • The main course

    Why do you make banana bread?

    Because it's good!

    And it is better than cake... Another big part is that making banana bread is pretty darn easy. Well, a single batch is pretty easy. We make around 100 loaves during the holidays. The process takes some time and can be tedious in that quantity. Especially since we're using a home kitchen. You're totally worth it!

  • The packaging

    Can you use less packaging?


    We've got to keep the bread fresh! The brown box your gift came in is recycled cardboard. It may be recycled again after you've consumed the bread. We cannot guarantee that the parchment used was recycled but we can guarantee that it will be if you put it in the proper bin on recycling pick-up day. The same goes for the fancy ribbon that made your package look so awesome. Do your planet a favor and recycle.

  • The logo

    That's an amazing logo! Where can I get one?

    Ebon Weston-Savage

    This guy is an incredible designer. He put a lot of time into making this logo for us. We talked about what our vision for a design was and he came to our home to see what the neighborhood was like. That's how the gazebo got such a prominent part in our branding. Since the cause was good, and Ebon and I are best friends, he even did the work pro bono! Thanks, Ebon.

  • The idea

    Where did you get the idea?

    David Savage

    Our friend David has a gigantic mango tree in his yard. So that the fruit didn't go to waste he came up with a plan to bake the mangos he couldn't give away or eat during a season into some bread. These loaves would be passed out to friends, family and neighbors. The feedback was spectacular and even we can't wait to get one every year! When we moved to our current residence in Boynton Beach we wanted to start a tradition like it so we straight-up stole the idea from David. As long as he gets a loaf each year from us I think we'll be on speaking terms.

Nutrition Facts

These facts are based off of a 2000 calorie per day diet and account for one 3.5 ounce serving of our delicious bread. There are about three servings in each baby loaf. How bad can it really be? There's fruit in it!

  • Calories 159
  • Total fat 6g
  • Cholesterol 21mg
  • Sodium 62mg
  • Carbohydrates 25g
  • Sugars 15g
  • Protein 2g


Only our most prestigious awards have been noted below. For a full accounting of our achievements eat your bread while looking at pictures of our cats.

  • The only person to bake you bread


    Boynton Beach, FL

  • The weirdo who gave you crappy bread

    Runner up

    Miami, FL

  • Best workmate ever

    You have bread right?

    Boca Raton, FL

Happy holidays!

Warmest wishes for a bright new year.

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